Getting Ready | General Conference by Number

Hello. I’m thrilled to attend General Conference. As I start packing, I wanted to share a few fun numbers as a brief introduction to General Conference and my upcoming week. 
1. Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior, of all who gather at General Conference.

4- Languages (English, French, Spanish and American Sign Language) to watch General Conference in via Live Streaming. Click to Live Stream

11- Days of General Conference from Tuesday, May 10 to Friday, May 20 in Portland, Oregon

12- Legislative Committees to review, discuss, amend, and determine whether legislation will proceed to the delegates of General Conference for a vote.

22- Delegates from the North Georgia Annual Conference (11 lay persons and 11 clergy). Meet our delegates

43- Rules governing parliamentary procedure which primarily follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

63 (or less)- Person under 35 years of age serving as delegates to General Conference which less than 7% and only 6 are clergy. Learn more

70- Communion Stations during Opening Worship on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

93- Languages General Conference is translated with the help of almost 800 interpreters. Learn more

864- Delegates to the General Conference. Delegates are United Methodist from around the world.

1000+- Pieces of legislation submitted by United Methodist lay persons, clergy, agencies, and Annual Conferences to be reviewed by the 12 Committees. Learn more about legislation and tracking

1792- The year Methodists decided to hold Conference every four years. Learn more about the History of General Conference

General Conference is the top policy-making body of The United Methodist Church which convenes once every four years. The conference can revise church law, as well as adopt resolutions on current moral, social, public policy and economic issues. It also approves plans and budgets for church-wide programs. Learn More

What numbers surprised you? What other stats can I share with you? 

Thanks for reading, learning, and praying for General Conference! More soon.

-Rev. Catherine #infoBoothe

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