Family | May 16 at General Conference 

Hello Northside Family!

Thanks so much for allowing me to learn, serve, fellowship, worship, pray, eat, and encounter our living God in Portland. 

I’m in a new place that already feels like home (though doesn’t feel nor look like Atlanta.) I’m at home because I’m with my family, church family, brothers and sisters who I’ve laughed, prayed, cried, disagreed and dialogued with over the years. (Y’all know I can talk.) Oh and family members whose names I need to learn as it’s a big family y’all!

Family: I serve and worship with in North Georgia, Who nurtured me while studying at Candler School of Theology, I last saw at General Conference in Tampa in 2012, Facebook friends who became family because of our shared faith in Jesus Christ, and Hundreds of brothers and sisters I’ve never seen before though seek to know because we claim the same Heavenly Father. 

We are a family who likes to hug. We hug out of excitement and gratitude. We hug in the midst of all our differences. We hug because we hope. We hug to celebrate newly consecrated deaconess and homeland missionaries during today’s morning worship. Oh and they hugged me because they wanted to try my Voodoo doughnuts. 

It is good to be with family and General Conference feels like coming home. Our family isn’t always organized, we don’t always agree, we tend to run late, we struggle with technology, we occasionally forget our manners, we aren’t always loving, and we get tired and consequently frustrated. Yet, we are family. Family who seek and claim to love deeply, pray fervently, celebrate diversity, seek justice, and live faithful. Our Methodist Family isn’t perfect, yet, today I’m grateful to be with our family!

Thanks for letting me connect with and share time with your Methodist family!




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